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Gainfront Order Management, an effective SaaS PO process workflow, will save time, money, and improve efficiency across the supply chain management. For all the manual and tedious processes that your team follows, our automation has you covered. Gainfront will help you optimize your process efficiently and effectively.

  • Allows buyer access to fully vetted suppliers with negotiated rate cards to make smart purchasing decisions
  • PunchOut2Go ready streamlines order placement with approved suppliers
  • Streamlined PO generation and approval process with full visibility to buyers
  • Allows buyers to map Maverik, Tail, and MRO spend categories by division and set limits
  • Streamlined invoicing and payment status with full visibility to buyers and suppliers

Gainfront Order Management

Eliminating Manual Inefficiencies with End-to-end Order Process Automation

The purchasing process begins when the potential buyer has identified which product/category they need, followed by identifying the right supplier to source and a streamlined invoicing process for an error-free payment. The current purchase order management processes are often very manual and decentralized. A poor purchase order management process often leads to overpayments, damaged goods, inefficiencies, and resulting in lost savings due to duplicate payments and/or incorrect invoicing. Furthermore, current order management solutions do not provide buyers access to a global and centralized approved supplier database with pre-negotiated rates. This data helps buyers help make smart purchasing decisions.

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