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The Challenge

Managing procurement for services and projects presents unique challenges to companies. Differently from product procurement, buying services such as consulting or legal services requires companies to track units such as billed hours to understand how much they must pay providers. These billed hours can be at different rates to account for the levels of professionals providing services. A partner at a law firm may bill at a higher rate than an associate. Similarly, in project procurement, companies must often track milestones or time and materials, or schedules to pay contractors. Complicating project procurement is the need to also track obligations and payments to subcontractors.

Today services and project procurement is managed with a wide set of disparate, disjointed tools. A company may have one set of applications to find providers, another to assess their risk, a third to contract with them, a fourth to onboard suppliers, another to set deliverables and manage project schedules, Excel spreadsheets to monitor billing rates, still another application to manage the receipt of invoices as well as provide payments. The common result of using disjointed tools is:

  • Disagreements on objectives and milestones with contractors and sub-contractors.
  • Poor communication with your contractors, resulting in missed project deliverables.
  • Cost overruns.
  • Schedule overruns.
  • Unexpected risks and surprises.

Streamline with Gainfront Services and Project Procurement Cloud


Gainfront’s Services and Project Procurement solution is a single integrated solution purpose built for the unique challenges presented by services and project procurement. With Gainfront SPP, procurement professionals can – on a single platform:

  • Source service and project providers.
  • Qualify, negotiate, contract with, and onboard selected vendors.
  • Set schedules, hourly rates, milestones, and other project terms – including delivery quality – against which payments are made.

As projects execute, Gainfront SPP helps track completion to ensure payments are made according to obligations. The result is your services and projects are delivered on-time, on budget and with the quality you expect.

There is no other solution on the market quite like Gainfront’s Services and Project Procurement software application.


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