Streamline every part of your enterprise’s Contract process with Gainfront Contracts

Gainfront Contracts is a highly customizable AI-ML-enabled full contracts lifecycle management solution. Our OCR technology reduces onboarding time by 60%. It helps you seamlessly integrate the full approval process between suppliers and buyers. Gainfront Contracts brings efficiency by streamlining the full contracts process. Integrate Gainfront SpendPower with Gainfront Diversity for full spend visibility and gain better control of your enterprise’s expenses.

  • Accelerates contract onboarding with sophisticated OCR and AI/ML technologies
  • Identifies high-risk contracts
  • Fully customized to track contract source
  • Timely Low Funds notifications to contract owners
  • Optimizes contract performance
  • Integrated Matter Management for legal teams for contracts issue resolution
  • Integrated Gap Analysis
  • Integrated Forecasting
  • Set and track diversity goals
  • Set and track sustainability goals
  • Reduces risk and scales compliance
  • Easily integrate with your current software
  • Unlimited licenses

Gainfront Contracts

AI/ML-powered CLM Solution with Intuitive UI for Maximum User Adoption

Digitizing and centralizing Contracts Lifecycle has become even more important with the recent shift in remote work conditions. An efficient CLM solution will enable your organization to:

  • Rapidly onboard existing contracts
  • Build a robust clause library to bring consistency for new contracts creation
  • Identify parent/child by accurate tagging
  • Fully customize to meet and track your business needs
  • Set and Track Diversity & Sustainability goals
  • Adhere to regulatory guidelines
  • Third-party integration
  • Identify high-risk contracts
  • Minimize over payment with integrated Rebate and Gap analysis
  • Gain access to better analytics with report builder
  • Matter resolutions with integrated matter management
  • Unlimited licenses

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