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The procure-to-pay process for direct and indirect materials is one of the largest areas of spend for your company; if it is not optimally managed, you risk inadvertently wasting money and diminishing your company’s profits. Additionally, the procure to pay process ensures you obtain the raw materials, goods, and services you require to efficiently serve your customers. If the process is inefficient, then you risk slowing down your own ability to serve your customers. Gainfront’s Procure-to-Pay Cloud solution is procurement software reinvented to optimize your procure-to-pay process.


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Eliminate Manual Processes

The procure to pay process requires multiple steps from supplier selection, order placement, approvals as well as multiple documents, including requisitions, purchase orders, invoices and goods receipts. All to often, companies manage the procure to pay process manually, transferring documents between process steps using email. This leads to significant inefficiencies in the amount of time spent on the process, but more importantly creates risks that information and documents are lost and that things “fall through the cracks” Gainfront Procure-to-Pay Cloud digitizes the complete process on one platform, ensuring that process steps are streamlined and automated and all documents reside in one system of record.

Save Money

Gainfront’s  Procure-to-Pay Cloud helps you save money through a myriad of ways. The solution surfaces the best price suppliers for each commodity you are purchasing, it automatically tracks 2 way matching between purchase orders and invoices to ensure you are not purchasing at a higher than acceptable price, it eliminates maverick purchases, and it ensures justification for non-PO invoices so that spending is controlled.

Increase Efficiency with AI

Uniquely, Gainfront Procure-to-Pay Cloud leverages AI to help you both increase process efficiency and save money in the procure-to-pay process. Using AI, Gainfront automates the process of “reading” purchase orders, invoices and goods receipts and entering information into the system. It uses AI to solve the master data management problem where the same commodity is described with different terminology by suppliers, thereby significantly improving the efficiency of the 2-and-3-way matching process.

Gainfront Procure-to-Pay

Eliminating Manual Inefficiencies with End-to-end Order Process Automation

The purchasing process begins when the potential buyer has identified which product/category they need, followed by identifying the right supplier to source and a streamlined invoicing process for an error-free payment. The current purchase order management processes are often very manual and decentralized. A poor purchase order management process often leads to overpayments, damaged goods, inefficiencies, and resulting in lost savings due to duplicate payments and/or incorrect invoicing. Furthermore, current order management solutions do not provide buyers access to a global and centralized approved supplier database with pre-negotiated rates. This data helps buyers help make smart purchasing decisions.

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