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Biggest Challenge in Supplier Diversity

The biggest challenge to supplier diversity is the lack of it. Gainfront Supplier Diversity Cloud includes the world’s most comprehensive supplier database with over 6M diverse suppliers. Companies of all sizes have used Gainfront Supplier Diversity Cloud to find new diverse suppliers and strengthen their supplier diversity programs.

Biggest Challenge in Supplier Diversity
Is Diversity Integration Needed?

Diversity Breeds Innovation

Supplier diversity programs are good for you as well. Partnering with diverse suppliers injects fresh perspectives and innovative solutions into a company’s operations, sparking creativity and driving product/service differentiation. With Gainfront Supplier Diversity Cloud, you can include diverse suppliers of all categories and classifications.

Gainfront Supplier Diversity Cloud by the numbers

6 M

Total Diverse Suppliers

3.2 M

Diversity certifications

$350 B

Diverse Spend Managed

9.8 M

Customer records updated


Customer Retention Rate

Gainfront’s Complete CSR Suite of Products for Supplier Diversity

A single platform to manage your Tier 1 and Tier 2 diverse spend and Track GHG in your supply chain.

Tier 1 Diversity

Gainfront Tier 1 process manages direct and indirect spending. It has proven to increase customer’s diverse spend by up to 32% with its unique classified diverse suppliers’ identification process.

Learn More about Tier 1 Diversity.

Tier 2 Diversity

Gainfront helps you easily manage and report on Tier 2 spend, the prime supplier’s diverse spending with its sub-contractors.

Learn More about Tier 2 Diversity.

RFx Concierge Service

Gainfront streamlines the RFx process for proposals and quotes by making it simple for managers to invite suppliers to participate.

Learn More about our RFx Concierge Service.

Benchmarking Reports

Gainfront enhances supplier diversity programs by identifying benchmarks on diverse spend, industry-specific details, and diversity group insights.

Learn More about Gainfront Benchmark Reporting.

Economic Impact

As your supplier diversity grows, Gainfront helps you make a meaningful and sustainable economic impact on the communities you serve.

Learn More about how Gainfront Helps with Economic Impact.

Supplier Database

The Gainfront platform connects buyers with net new diverse suppliers based on risk factors, sustainability tracking and carbon footprint.

Learn More about the Gainfront Global Supplier Database

Why Gainfront for your complete solution


Leading comprehensive Tier 1, Tier 2 to nTier solution provider in single platform with integrated prime payroll tracking and PCard integration for subcontractor reporting. Our comprehensive supplier training and best practices programs have helped both suppliers and customers achieve and exceed their diversity and growth goals.

  • Comprehensive Tier 1 and Tier 2 solutions
  • Only provider certified by NMSDC and WBENC
  • Engaging with suppliers through vendor outreach
  • Certification Assistance to guide vendors through the certification process
  • Continual training for customers, prime contractors, and suppliers
  • RFx Concierge service for finding net new suppliers
  • Global Economic Impact Report
  • Comparative Benchmark reports
  • N-tier spend tracking
  • Integrated Pcard expenditure tracking

32%+ boost in diverse spending by uncovering classified suppliers

Expanding seamlessly into Gainfronts’ product lines

Only provider certified by NMSDC and WBENC


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