Workforce Diversity Management

Create a workforce that is more inclusive, equitable, and diverse.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion are becoming a leadership priority across industries. Most companies aren’t prepared with the right tools they need to get the visibility and control. Gainfront provides advanced capabilities to source & manage your diverse workforce & extended services spend at scale.

  • Track diverse employees by department and job function and achieve goals
  • Get ready for 2023 workforce pay transparency mandates
  • Plan ahead to boost operational and economic efficiencies with our workforce management solution
  • Get easy to use dashboard to track diverse workforce and set goals
  • Get impact analysis for diverse workforce spending by region
  • Get quarterly Benchmark & Economic impact reports and industry trends

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Workforce Analysis Dashboard

Zero in on the demographics, roles, locations, or other facet of the workforce to better identify discrepancies and areas for improvement in equity and diversity.

Greater Pay Transparency

Perform internal audits or review of existing jobs, wages, and demographics to get ahead of regional laws and accomplish equitable compensation for employees.

Pay Equity Compliance

Provide current employees with pay scale information for their current position for greater transparency and awareness of their position.

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