80 percent of supply chain executives intensify efforts to reduce ESG risks and enhance ethical and sustainable performance.


Aligning with the shifting values of shareholders, customers, and employees is imperative.

Investors now prioritize ESG-related disclosures, and companies with robust ESG performance demonstrate higher investment returns, reduced risks, and increased resilience during crises.

As companies strive toward ESG & Sustainability, they must blend the right strategy with technology to mitigate risks and enhance brand reputation.

How Technology Can Help Businesses Make ESG Reporting Easy

Discover the changes you can make today with Gainfront’s AI–driven tools

We guide you in adopting cost-effective strategies that maximize ESG improvements. Implement robust ESG strategies to appeal to investors, consumers, sustainability- focused clients, and communities. Safeguard your supply chain, ensure regulatory compliance, and proactively mitigate risks to protect your reputation.

ESG and Sustainability Solutions for your Needs

Unique Features

Ethical Compliance Feature

Stay informed on potential ethical concerns through our news collection AI tool

Set Your Own Scorecard

Set your own scorecard, allowing a customizable evaluation

Simulator Approach

Explore informed decision through ‘what-if’ scenarios

Steps to achieve better ESG performance with Gainfront

  Assessment and Customization

Assess your current supply chain ESG & sustainability practices.

  AI-Powered Compliance Management

Analyze environmental, social, and governance data to identify potential risks

  Real-time Monitoring and Correction

Enable real-time monitoring of your supply chain sustainability practices and identify deviations from your sustainability goals

  Benchmarking Against Peers

Benchmark your supply chain sustainability practices against industry peers and best practices.

  Compliance Assurance and Adaptation

Ensure compliance with relevant regulations and standards using Gainfront’s compliance management functionalities.

  Optimization and Continuous Improvement

Identify areas for improvement but also facilitate continuous enhancement.

  Collaborative Stakeholder Engagement

Showcase your commitment to ESG values and sustainability to stakeholders.

  Future-Ready Sustainability

Position your organization for a future of sustainable business practices.

Gainfront RFx Delivers Value with Innovation

Gainfront  & Sustainability Solution

Our comprehensive Scope 1, 2, and 3 planning and calculation tool, empowers organizations to accurately report on sustainability—allowing for the measurement and management of greenhouse gas emissions and environmental impacts, spanning the entirety of the value chain.

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