Gainfront SLM

A market-leading Supplier Lifecycle Management solution built on a Diversity & ESG foundation.

Gainfront SLM - Enhance Procurement Efficiency
Gainfront SLM

Navigating the expansive world of global suppliers can feel like a puzzle.

Finding the right partner can be a daunting task. We help tackle challenges head-on. Amid all the intricacies, we accelerate transformation with precision.

Does your outdated supplier profile lead to delays and inefficiencies?

Do you struggle with inaccurate spend data, hindering strategic decisions?

Has supplier onboarding become a time-consuming marathon, impacting your supply chain flow?

Is your contract management system resulting in unforeseen expenses and delays?

Is staying in tune with ESG and diversity requirements a tough balancing act?

Does your outdated supplier profile lead to delays and inefficiencies?

Overcome these challenges by experiencing Supplier Lifecycle Management the Gainfront way.

Because we recognize your unique challenges, we work with you to create a solution that meets your specific needs. With our AI enabled solution we pave the way for efficient procurement.

Discover our 7-step process to build a robust and compliant supply chain.

Pave the way toward a supply chain that’s not only compliant but ethically grounded, echoing your commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices.

Gainfront SLM
  • Supplier Discovery
  • Supplier Evaluation
  • Contracts & Negotiation
  • Selective Onboarding
  • Compliance & Risk
  • Spend Analysis
  • Procure-to-Pay

Global Supplier Discovery

As you navigate a rapidly evolving market, exploring new suppliers globally becomes imperative. Discover a diverse array of options that mirror your values and unique needs.

Over 70% search accuracy with AI/NLP process for 4 Levels of supplier categorizations.

RFX Concierge service to manage the RFI process saving up to 60% time.

Rigorous Supplier Evaluation

Leverage RFx processes to scrutinize potential suppliers. Evaluate their capabilities, performance history, and adherence to sustainability principles, ensuring your partnerships are rooted in responsibility.

Over 70% improvement in RFX process.

Over 95% improvement in evaluation process with ease of comparing supplier responses.

Empowered Contract Negotiations

Seamlessly integrate AI-driven Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) tools to elevate your contract negotiations. Empower your agreements with efficiency, transparency, and alignment with your sustainability goals.

Over 85% improvement in Metadata extraction.

Over 70% process improvement with configurable workflows and team collaboration.

Selective Onboarding

Handpick suppliers that resonate with your mission and values. Streamline their integration into your network, guaranteeing they uphold ethical conduct right from the beginning.

Over 70% improvement in onboarding efficiency.

Over 85% improvement in supplier profile quality.

Continuous Compliance and Risk Management

Elevate your supply chain’s integrity through ongoing compliance tracking and risk mitigation. Stay attuned to ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) considerations to ensure responsible operations.

  • Conduct surveys to assess and ensure compliance with relevant regulations and policies.
  • Analyze spending data to identify potential compliance gaps and address them promptly.

Holistic Spend Management

Attain full visibility into your expenditures and financial activities. Efficient spend management not only maximizes cost-effectiveness but also supports your commitment to ethical sourcing.

  • Gainfront SLM provides complete visibility on all spend by supplier with accurate spend categorization.

Effortless Order Processing and Invoicing

Simplify administrative processes with streamlined Purchase Order (PO) and invoicing procedures. Enhance operational efficiency while maintaining your ethical procurement practices.

  • Gainfront SLM allows for Catalog purchasing with Blanket PO and 2–3-way invoicing matching.

Experience the Gainfront SLM Revolution with RFQs Based on Detailed BOM and Volume Discount Solutions

We bring precision and cost-efficiency to procurement processes that are tailored to your needs. Build your solution your way.

Gainfront SLM - Detailed BOM and Volume Discount Solutions

Explore Gainfront SLM’s standout features:

  • Accurate quote with itemized Bill of Material (BOM)
  • Volume Discount Solutions
  • Unparalleled Precision
  • Time and Cost Savings
  • Seamless Supplier Collaboration
  • Data Driven Insights

Redefine Procure-to-Pay with Our Core Elements

Direct/Indirect Purchases and Services Procurement Projects (SPP)

From sourcing raw materials for production to securing essential services for day-to-day functioning, navigating complex projects and optimizing processes for successful project outcomes, Gainfront ensures the ultimate solution while maintaining compliance.

  • Dynamic Blanket PO for Efficiency
  • Automated Rules for Repeat Orders
  • Accurate 3-Way & 2-Way Matching
  • Controlled Catalogs for Easy Selection
  • Seamless Punchout Integration
  • Project Procurement Mastery
  • Contractor & Sub-Contractor Management
  • Streamlined Processes, Maximum Impact

With our unparalleled flexibility, you can efficiently address challenges, enhance efficiency, and cultivate sustainable practices, all within a solution that evolves hand in hand with your organization’s growth and objectives.