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Harness the the power of meaningful connections with Gainfront’s Global Supplier Database.


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Easily find a network with over a million credible, diverse suppliers at your fingertips.

Easily access a global network of suppliers over multiple categories and verticals.

How do we do it?

  • Through innovative technology and data-driven insights, our sophisticated risk assessment ensures you can trust your choices. When you connect with our diverse supplier network, you are doing so much more than meeting a requirement – you are actively embracing inclusivity and equality.
  • We empower businesses, giving them the tools, they need to flourish in competitive markets, and drive remarkable economic growth.

Key Features

  • AI and NLP-driven supplier database with 4 levels of categorization resulting in enhanced supplier profiles.
  • RFx Concierge with diversity trends for guided buying to meet diversity requirements.
  • Identify projects lacking diversity consideration, and improve collaboration between sourcing and supplier diversity teams.
  • Getting diverse suppliers catalog enabled thereby increasing diverse spend.
  • In a remote and hybrid environment, find net new global and secure supply chain.
  • Identify top-notch diverse suppliers for your organization and assess their record of accomplishment of successful collaboration with corporate customers.
Supplier Database Key Features

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